• TOYOTA It’s Mine Concert
  • TOYOTA It’s Mine Concert
  • TOYOTA It’s Mine Concert
  • TOYOTA It’s Mine Concert
  • Toyota It’s Mine Concert


    Toyota would like to create brand awareness for “It’s MINE”, a brand for young generation, through a music festival called “จิ้มไหล่” (Jimlai). Toyota also hoped to continuously build brand preference and engagement throughout the year by focusing on online activities and online media to interact with the target audience.



    dFusion was responsible for It’s MINE’s online platform and concert promotion. We executed all online and offline activities simultaneously. Throughout the year, the activities that occurred under the online platform are as follows:

    • Creating & maintaining online platform for “It’s MINE” in order to have a consistent presence and engagements with the targets
    • Continuously producing series of videos and activities through It’s MINE platform
    • Collaborating with artists & net idols
    • On-ground troops at youngsters hangout pads and markets
    • Live streaming via YouTube on the concert day



    Jimlai concert gained positive feedback. Seventy-five percent of the 18,000 attendees were informed about the concert through online communication, which was arranged by dFusion. Other success includes: 33,000 viewers of YouTube live streaming and over one million online engagements on It’s MINE online platform within 5 months.



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